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Individual Therapy

We all have emotional needs and the innate resources to help us meet these needs. When we become angry, anxious, depressed, lose confidence or suffer with confusion and stress we have developed unhealthy and ineffective coping strategies. Individual therapy help individuals recognise the patterns they have used in the past and help them make changes so that they can remain emotionally healthy and confident that they can cope with life now and in the future. At futureminds we work to our clients own goals quickly and effectively using a variety evidence based approaches including CBT, EMDR, Brief therapy and Human Givens. Many clients have also used and benefited from the strategies we teach to help in pain management as pain is often experienced more intensely when we are stressed or anxious. Research shows that positive outcomes are associated with knowing where you want to go.. We work with individual adults, couples, children and families.

Couple and Family Therapy

When people live or work together they form systems. Systemic Psychotherapy or Family Therapy is a way of working with people based on the idea that the behaviour of individuals is influenced and maintained in the way other individuals and systems interact with them. The field of systemic practice is open, facilitating, and optimistic and is particularly effective when working with couples or families experiencing difficulties such as bereavement, separation and divorce or managing children's behaviour. It is also useful when working in organisations. At futureminds we work with children individually alongside family work which helps in behaviour management, child anxiety, self esteem and childhood depression or attachment difficulties. We also help families with children with autism who have additional emotional needs


It is now considered that many emotional issues can relate back to some form of trauma. This can be a trauma involving life or death events such as road traffic accidents, victims of crime, child abuse, domestic violence and even child birth. However, we also deal with trauma's that may occur as part of normal life such as illness, bereavement, bullying, failure, humiliation and difficult relationships.

Talking about EMDR...

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We are able to manage all of these but if they occur regularly or within a short space of time we can find that our usual resources are eroded resulting in anxiety, stress, depression, panic and phobia's. EMDR is an effective way of working with adults and children to remove any unresolved trauma's in an effective manner and is recommended by NICE guidelines.

Futureminds News & Updates

Volunteer Assistant Psychologists

We are interested in helping graduate psychologists gain experience in clinical work by shadowing and supporting the clinical team.  Any volunteers would be given support and opportunity to learn more about working as a psychologist and in return we would want at least 2 days a week of volunteering for a minimum of 6 months.  If you are interested and are a graduate psychologist or are looking for a placement as part of a psychology degree please contact us.

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 We have two satellite sites


Trauma experiences are now thought to be behind the majority of mental health issues and mental health illness. Futureminds specialises in working with trauma using a range of modalities including CBT, EMDR (recommended by NICE guidelines) and Rewind VK technique, recommended by PTSD Resolution whom we work closely with.

Find out more at http://www.traumaticstress.co.uk

Solution focussed approach in schools

Futureminds have devised a solution focussed approach in schools with the support of Dr Linda Metcalf a leading authority in this area as well as an international authority and author of several books on school solutions. The approach has been rolled out to several secondary schools in the midlands area, using a bespoke package of support according to the individual needs of each school. The approach builds positive relationships between teachers and students (particularly those students that may be hard to reach) and has been instrumental in reducing teacher stress. This approach has been noticed by head teachers as having a positive impact on the school which was noted by Ofsted.


Find out more at www.emotionalwellbeingschools.co.uk


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