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Work in Schools and Colleges


Schools and teachers today experience pressures to ‘do something about students and their problems’ but in order to do this effectively, educators might need to consider learning about themselves, and noticing the time school works for them. Time is measured out in an educators day so strictly, that spending time analysing problems is impossible.’ (Linda Metcalfe 2002)

At futureminds we have worked very closely with schools/colleges and other educational establishments to create a range of strategies for teachers/tutors, direct work with students/learners, consultation and an organisational approach building on what works and what changes could be made including peer mentoring.

Our most recent success includes setting up groups within schools on emotional wellbeing or emotional resilience. These groups are fully evaluated and have been well received by the schools who have noticed a difference in the children's behaviour. The post measures show a positive change in children's behaviour noticed by parents and teachers. Children learn to develop relationships giving them peer support which aids confidence and builds self esteem.

For more information please follow www.emotionalwellbeingschools.co.uk

We are also proud to have developed along with Abingdon and Witney College the Abingdon and Witney Model. This model offers levels of service according to need making the approach flexible and cost effective.

We have also developed a Solution Focussed Whole School Approach which has worked extremely successfully with a school in South Staffordshire and we are now rolling this out to other schools in the Midlands.

In addition to both of the above models we are also able to offer:

  • Peer mentoring system to include training to students, providing resources and supporting interested members of staff in setting up an effective rolling programme
  • Workshops on topics such as: deeper understanding of the issues facing young people including attachment difficulties, family construction, self-harm and working with children with attention and concentration difficulties, classroom dynamics and the social and psychological factors affecting the way young people function in the school/college environment.
  • Running groups for anger, anxiety, stress

"Staff are more able to handle and defuse challenging situations with pupils to the mutual benefit and respect of both pupil and teacher this has led to a new whole school approach to behaviour, resulting in the reviewing and rewriting of our behaviour policy’ ‘the school was graded outstanding for its guidance and support for pupils in its recent OFSTED report".


Sometimes children struggle at school because they have social and communication difficulties and may be on the autism spectrum, we are able to make observations on particular children and advise as to whether they may need a specialist assessment and how to manage their behaviour using specific techniques.


We are also able to offer school/family consultations, working in this way allows the school, family and young person to talk about their views, hopes and expectations with a neutral person taking control of the session and encouraging people to take different positions thereby opening up new possibilities for moving forward.

We are able to offer any of the above or a consultation involving interviews with staff and students, observations and a written report on our findings with a plan for future work.

School Counsellors

School Counsellor’s work with a wide range of issues on a day-to-day basis. Occasionally however, counsellors can feel overwhelmed with a situation or need to 'check things out' with a mental health professional. We are all experienced mental health professionals and can offer consultation or supervision on a one off or regular basis.