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Which service is best for me:

Clients often become confused as to which type of therapy will be most appropriate to them so we hope this description will help.  However, many counsellors, psychotherapist and psychologists will also have specialist experience and interests so it is also important to look at their individual profiles.  

Counselling usually refers to a brief treatment that centres around behaviour patterns. Counsellors now have to be registered with a professional body such as BACP.  Sometimes counsellors choose to call themselves a psychotherapist so again looking at their qualifications and expertise would be important.  A counselling session may simply involve the client and counsellor talking through concerns with no specified structure or agenda. Alternatively, a counsellor may use a specific form of counselling such as solution focussed or systemic (family counselling) to help the client.  Our counsellor at futureminds also uses therories and techniques from somatic psychotherapy.  Counsellors who are registered will have had to undergo a diploma level counselling course and have many hours of working with different clients.

Psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for a longer-term and draws from insight into emotional problems and difficulties usually at a deeper level than counselling.  Psychotherapists will generally have completed a Masters level course specialising in a particular set of theories such as psycho dynamic, integrative, systemic etc.    They will be registered with either with UKCP or BACP and their details should be available on line through these orgnisations.

Psychology is effectively the study of the way people think, behave and interact. Looking at the way the mind works, psychology.  Clinical and Counselling Psychologists have a docotrate level qualification and are registered with HCPC and the British Psychology Society (BPS).

Counselling Psychologists work in a similar way to Clincial Psychologists but will generally look at working therapeutically with clients rather than assessments.  They will view difficulties through a wider lens taking into account, social, cultural, environmental and systemic factors.   Counselling psychologists are a fairly new group of applied psychologists. They blend therapeutic practice with psychological research and theory. They also take on more serious, long-term issues such as domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Prices for services:   

Some clients require additional preparation for individual sessions or the work requires liaison with other professionals and as such the price will increase.  This is particularly true for working with adoptors, foster carers etc.  Children who have been adopted may be entitled to claim under the Adoptoin Supprt Fund.  Wendy Jealous is able to help adopters with that process.

Individual Therapy (BACP registered consellor) : £55.00 per hour in Ashby prices vary in different parts of the UK
Family / Couple counselling (with BACP counsellor) : £60.00 per hour in Ashby prices vary in different parts of the UK
Consultation to Organisations : from £250.00 per half day
Psychologist Appointment (HCPC registered Psychologist) : from £85.00 in Ashby prices vary in different parts of the UK
Family Therapy (UKCP registered Family Therapist) : £100.00 in Ashby prices vary in different parts of the UK
EMDR (Accredited Practitioner) : from £90.00

Individual parenting programme price on application