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Wendy Jealous


Wendy Jealous at futuremindsChartered Counselling Psychologist /Consultant Child Psychologist/ Systemic Psychotherapist

Qualifications and Previous Experience:

Wendy is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist, (Doctoral level) Consultant Child Psychologist, Systemic Psychotherapist (Family Therapist), EMDR practitioner (accredited) and Human Givens Psychotherapist.   Wendy is also accredited to be a facilitator for the Triple P Positive Parenting Programme, is trained in the Parent Child Game, Oregon multi-treatment-foster-care programme (MTFC), Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) level 1 and Theraplay - level 1. 

Wendy has over 20 years experience of working with children, families and individuals within the community as well as within social services, education and the health service. For several years prior to starting Futureminds Wendy worked as part of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) as a therapist and Team Leader. CAMHS receives referrals from GP's and other health professionals, teachers and social workers on a wide range of child and adolescent mental health issues such as anxiety, hyperactivity, school difficulties, anger issues and work with parents who are struggling to manage their children's behaviour. Wendy is also experienced in working with foster carers and looked after children who can present with extreme challenging behaviour, young offenders, adults and chldren with learning disability and offers consultation and training to professionals working with young people such as teachers, social workers and school health advisers.

Wendy is experienced in working with adults and couples on a wide range of issues such as relationship breakdown, depression, anger and stress management, phobia's, panic attacks, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, post abuse and difficulties with child and adolescent behaviour. More recently Wendy has transferred these skills to organisations and helped managers and employees develop better communication as well as understand the impact of stress and anxiety on individuals and entire teams and how this can be managed in order to create a more effective working environment.

Wendy managers various projects including a service for chldren who have been sexually abused or have sexually inappropriate behaviours and takes a clinical lead in the psychological welfare of childrein in residential care for a national organisation.  

Wendy has presented workshops at national conferences on a range of subjects and regularly writes for a local magazine on psychological issues 

Wendy is trained in the use of VK rewind technique, EMDR as well as Solution Focused, Human Givens and Systemic Psychotherapy.

Wendy is registered with BUPA, AXAPPP, Prue Health/Vitality and Aviva.

Specialist areas :

  • Parenting programmes.
  • Work with families managing children's challenging behaviour.
  • Work with individuals who suffer from anxiety, depression, phobias or have relationship difficulties.
  • Work with Social Services and looked after children.
  • Work with companies to reach a balanced healthy working environment, work place stress, relationships and communications.
  • Training on a wide range of mental health issues.
  • Consultation to Teachers, Social Workers, Health Professionals on a wide range of mental health issues and whole system approach.
  • Solution Focussed Therapy.
  • Trauma.

Member of :

  • Association of Family Therapy.
  • Associate Fellow of British Psychological Society.
  • BPS Counselling Psychology Division
  • Health Care Professionals Council.
  • United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy
  • Association of Child Psychologists.
  • Wendy is also a trainer and consultant for Young Minds and is registered as a practitioner for the Red Poppy Company; a company which deals with work place bullying and trauma.